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A united team – the main competitive advantage of the company. International Alexander started its activity in the field of freight transport in 2003, as an independent company, with 100% Romanian capital and sole owner. Thus, through involvement and communication, Simion Ioan Apreutese, the sole shareholder and CEO of International Alexander, managed to follow his dream of building a strong company on the transport market.

Over the years, International Alexander has had a gradual and safe growth, mainly developing the transport activity for customers in the automotive industry, as well as personalized services for each customer.

Transport – the main activity

Activating in the field of transport and freight forwarding, International Alexander has constantly developed its services. In this way, he was able to meet clients with ftl and ltl transport services, express transport, sea and air transport, logistics services, cross docking, warehousing, packaging washing services and even car service.

“At the beginning of the year, we introduced a new service in our portfolio, namely washing packaging, using professional machines. We started this project successfully for one of our clients and gradually we developed new partnerships in this sector as well, ”says Simion Ioan Apreutese, the sole shareholder and CEO of International Alexander.

However, the main activity of the company remained road transport, both ftl and ltl. In addition, express transport makes its presence felt more and more in the activity of International Alexander, especially for the respect of the delivery time, “just in time” being so present nowadays. Therefore, in order to adapt to customer requirements, International Alexander offers sprinters and vans to deliver urgent goods.

With a vast portfolio of services in the field of transport and logistics, the main activity of International Alexander remained road transport

Also, the department of maritime and air transport, through the partnerships concluded, can handle the requests of this type of transport, making available to the clients complete services.

The company’s portfolio is complemented by the logistic services, the cross-docking being non-existent, the more so as this service achieves a cost efficiency.

“At the request of existing customers and not only, storage is a service that we want to develop, through our own deposits. We have started projects in this regard and we will continue the development, according to the clients’ requests ”, completes Simion Ioan Apreutese.

In addition, the service is part of the services offered by the company, being composed of a team of professionals, ready to solve the technical problems.

Modern car fleet

For the good performance of the activity, the car fleet is permanently in the attention of the company and benefits from cash investments. In this regard, the management of the company decided to comply with European standards, by changing the car fleet with Euro 6 and replacing the trailers with new ones, all now being mega trailers.

Constantly investing in the car fleet, the company management decided to change both the fleet and the replacement of trailers with some modern ones.

Thus, at present, International Alexander’s fleet consists of over 300 tractor heads and 380 trailers, plus sprinters and vans. Due to the numerous and modernized car fleet, the transports carried out by the company cover the whole territory of Europe, but the management of the company having as future plan the extension of the coverage area.

In addition, another asset that has contributed to building a strong company on the carrier market and consolidating its position is the team, according to the general manager of the company: “We are a united team, with a focus on stability and development, which prospects and analyzes in detail us expansion possibilities ”.

Optimization and development

Besides the constant investments in the fleet – which the management of the company wants to continue in the future – the most recent investment made by International Alexander is the construction of its own warehouse.

The location of the warehouse is in Arad, on the Nadlac highway, the position chosen being strategic due to the proximity of the customs. Thus, with an area of 20,000 square meters, with the possibility of extending up to 70,000 square meters, the warehouse also includes parking, laundry, car service and packaging service.

International Alexander’s most recent investment was a strategic one, choosing to build its own warehouse in Arad, on the Nadlac highway.

International Alexander’s position on the market as one of the most powerful transport companies is also demonstrated by the evolution of the company’s turnover. Thus, if at the end of 2015 the turnover registered by International Alexander was 38 million euros, for the end of this year, the company management expects a consistent increase, the turnover being estimated at 45 million euros.

Based on the upward trend of the company in recent years, the future plans of International Alexander focus on optimizing the existing business, developing new partnerships, building new warehouses in both Romania and Europe.

“In the short, medium and long term, our mission is to maintain the quality of services and to remain a reliable partner of our clients”, concludes, at the conclusion, Simion Ioan Apreutese, the sole shareholder and managing director of International Alexander.

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