International Alexander

Road transport

Road transport


International Alexander core business is represented by the transportation services.

• Our own fleet comprise 400 trucks (exclusive Mercedes-Benz) EUR 5 and EUR 6

• 550  Krone mega trailers XL certified

• 40  Huckepack

• 10  open car trailers

• 10  frigotrailers

•  mega trailers certified by  Daimler

•  mega trailers  certified  for tyres transportation

International Alexander can also accommodate small shipments using the following type of trucks:

• 3,5 to truck (50 units)

• 7,5 to trucks (35 units)

International Alexander is focused on updating the transporation services by acquiring new types of trucks and trailers to accommodate special requirements from our customers.

In 2017 International Alexander acquired 10 new car carriers. The loading is made considering the german directives with 4 meters in height and 20.25 m + 0.5 m lenght.

The new trailers an 2 examples of the loading capacity are depicted in the fugiure below:

Road freight security – GPS

The trucks deployed by International Alexander are equipped with GPS systems tat the dispatcher can use to monitor and control the shipment.

The security officer is responsible for ensuring that the dispatchers and the drivers comply with the internal rules regarding the safe parking areas and that the trailers are properly equipped.

The GPS system can send notifications to the customers, directly – to a given email adress or mobile phone (SMS).

International Alexander deployed the latest GPS technology that facilitates a modular tracking protocol as well as an integrated tracking mechanism of the truck assembly (tractor + trailer).

This technology implies the implementation of a GPS device on the tractor and another GPS device on the trailer (the GPS fitted on the trailer, can last up to 15 days without connecting to a tractor).

This approach provides complete visibility in real time of the tractor and trailer movements – hence improving the security system of each shipment.

Security (Trailers Configurations)

Additional customs cable for front side of trailer with 5 sealing points.

Seals/Safe locks for the customs cable with serial number.

Proactive event management provided by e-track.

Security (Parking Areas)

It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers goods are secured during the transportation events.

A top priority for our operational department is to instruct and to direct the drivers to safe parking areas.

As an example, one of these databases was provided by our partners from BVBA WIM DEKEYSER. 

Security – TAPA certifications

International Alexander is committed to continuously improve the security aspects of our operations by implementing the highest industry standards for high value goods.

Our company supports the fight against criminality and works closely with our partners to achieve the security objectives.

International Alexander has obtained TAPA certification for Trucking Security Requirements in June, 2018.

TSR: Trucking Security Requirements

FSR: Facility Security Requirements 

Main objectives/benefits

1. Ensure the drivers safety

2. Improve the security of high value goods

3. improve the supply chain security

4. A better protection of our customers business and brand

5. More visibility and proactive approach on the operations process flows

6. Improved traceability of each shipment as the monitoring process is facilitated by 2 distinct entities: Internal (Dispatcher) and External (3rd party support)


Asigurarea noastra standard poate acoperi pana la 370.000 EURO pe vehicul si pe eveniment.

Daca este necesar – asigurarea poate fi adaptata conform cerintelor clientilor nostri – pentru fiecare proiect 

Procedura interna PO 20 (procedura de revendicare) in conformitate cu ISO 9001:2008 si aprobata de catre echipa de management

Limitele asigurate pentru transporturile interne si internationale si din articolul 29 din Conventia CMR sunt majorate pana la 370.000 EURO pe vehicul si pe eveniment.

Auto-service (call center)

In case of any emergencies we have a dedicated mobile service team that can intervene (24h/7 operative team).

Our team of professionals can also assist our drivers remotely whenever they face technical issues.

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