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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Striving to optimise our use of natural resources, to view our services and activities from a life cycle perspective, and to develop and use environmentally friendly products, materials and technologies in a way that contributes to long-term sustainable development are core values of International Alexander in conducting and developing our activities.           

We commit to operate our business in a manner that reduces our impacts on the environment, prevents pollution, and protects the environment and resources. Relationships with employees, the diverse group of men and women who work for International Alexander are our most important resource. This policy sets the guiding principles of the company’s human rights, labor standards and environment standards, throughout its operations.


Human rights, mutual respect, diversity and equal opportunities


It is part of the company philosophy that all relationships between board members, executives and employees at all levels, must be guided by mutual respect, openness, honesty, trust, cooperation and open communication. We always encourage employees to speak openly about occurred issues up as well to express their ideas and concerns.

We appreciate a behavior revealed by respect and tolerance, in which each person’s dignity and intimacy is respected.

From our employees, we expect loyalty towards the company, a high willingness to perform, as well as the reasons for continuing the personal development. 

We recognize the right of employees to join a Trade Union and collective bargaining, thereby supporting a constructive dialogue between employer and employee.

INTERNATIONAL ALEXANDER recognizes and supports the equal human rights, complies with applicable labor law, observes the employee rights and opposes to the differential treatment, harassment, violence, discrimination, whether based on race, gender, nationality, age, disability, orientation sexual, religious, political or ethnic. 

We respect and promote this diversity, as this is the guarantee of our closeness to the society, to our customers and our suppliers.

The main criteria for the selection and promotion of employees are their skills/abilities and qualifications.




International Alexander is committed to providing equal employment opportunities. This means that we treat employees and candidates fairly and never involve any form of discrimination. We comply with all related laws, and in our employment decisions (such as recruitment, employment, training, salary, and promotion) we do not discriminate against people based on race, color, sex, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity , marital status, citizenship, disability, social status, etc.


 Child labour


Under no circumstances will International Alexander hire a person under the age of 18 unless it is in accordance with a government-approved training program or apprenticeship program, which would clearly be beneficial to the participants.


 Forced labor


International Alexander will not use forced labor in any way and will not tolerate abusive disciplinary practices. The company will not use or support human trafficking.


 Freedom of association and collective bargaining


International Alexander recognizes and respects the right of employees to freely associate and negotiate collectively. The company will work constructively with employee representatives to promote the interests of its employees.


 Harassment and discrimination


The company will not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on race, color, sex, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, marital status, citizenship, disability, social status, etc.


 Conflict of interest


The personal interests should be strictly separated from the business’s of International Alexander, so the employees must take business decisions in the best interest of the company, not on the basis of a possible personal interest.

To prevent conflicts of interest, the employees shall be strictly prohibited the development of competing activities or business.          


Protection of company assets


Each employee has the responsibility to protect and use properly the assets of International Alexander. The use of property, equipment, property, buildings, or other property for personal interest is forbidden, unless expressly permitted by an agreement.


Bribery and corruption


Under no circumstances will the company tolerate the giving or receiving of money, gifts or favors to improperly influence the behavior of another person, organization, government employee, politician or government body in support of a commercial or personal advantage.


Conduct towards business partners, suppliers, clients and third parties


The relations with business partners, suppliers, clients and third parties, are based on trust and on honest and respectful behavior. 

We expect from our employees to adopt a respectful, decent, fair and correct behavior towards the business partners, suppliers and customers.           



Complying with the law


Compliance with applicable laws and regulations at national, European and international level is a basic principle of International Alexander.

Every employee, regardless of their position in the company, is obliged to comply with internal rules, as well as all legal provisions in the field of responsibility and to act in consequence.


Occupational safety and health


We are convinced that the safety and security of our employees are essential to our common success. Safety at work is an integral part of our social responsibility. For this reason, we assure the fact that to our employees is offered a safe, healthy working environment, and that our own instructions concerning safety at work, health, fire protection and environmental protection, as well as the safety requirements specific to clients are maintained properly.

As part of a continuous improvement process, our goal is to improve the workplaces of employees and to increase the occupational satisfaction and health at workplace and safety through preventive and health promotion measures.

All employees are responsible for their safety during the work activities and must therefore meet all safety regulations, to take care to prevent accidents and to avoid exposure to unnecessary risks.

As a company, we work to provide a safe and secure workplace to our employees. We do not tolerate any threat, direct or implied or physical conduct by any person that results in harm to people or property. We also do not tolerate conduct that harasses, disrupts, or interferes with another person’s work performance or that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment.


Salary and work schedule


International Alexander complies with all applicable national laws on wages and working hours, including rules on the minimum wage, overtime and the maximum number of hours worked. The company pays competitive salaries and offers employees the opportunity to develop their skills to improve their ability to succeed in their careers in line with business needs.




International Alexander will promote the material well-being of employees, offering competitive compensation and benefits and complying with applicable law.



Integration of people with disabilities


In our opinion, people with disabilities have equal rights as members of society and business life. Encouraging them, integrating them into the company and working with them in an atmosphere 

of cooperation are essential elements of our corporate culture.


Environment and Sustainability


International Alexander will carry out activities in a manner that ensures the protection of health and the environment. The company will continue, as far as possible, to reduce and minimize the short-term environmental impact of its operations and to work towards the implementation of long-term sustainable environmental strategies.

Our company works with our customers to assess and reduce their environmental footprint and to achieve their environmental goals and with our suppliers to minimize the environmental impact of the goods and services we procure.

In the purpose of achieving continual improvement and a sustainable development, our company sets targets and objectives, within the scope of the environmental management system, to: 

Handle energy and resources responsibly and efficiently and commit to the sustainable protection of the environment by continuously reduce energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste, while simultaneously increasing the recycling rate for operational waste;

Ensure minimal impact on biodiversity by using raw materials from sustainably managed sources;


Increase the resilience of our business operations and improve our readiness for the transition to a low-carbon economy; 


International  Alexander  focuses on the implementation of business strategies and operations that facilitate the sustainable development of the organization and which have a positive impact on the environment and the local community.

To meet these objectives, the company provides numerous sponsorships and undertakes initiatives to support the development of the local community.

The most important contributions and initiatives are the following ones:

Renovation of the Children’s Hospital in Arad

Transport 4.0 conference organized by International Alexander in partnership with

Participation in the marathon “I run for a cause”

Diploma to support the organization of the “Nadia Comaneci” Cup in artistic gymnastics – Onesti, 2018

Contributions to “Save the Children Romania” and to similar organizations

Sponsorships to Chess Vados Club and other sports clubs

Automotive Logistics Summit

Christmas Tree Festival – sponsorship for the “Save the Children” Foundation

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